Long-term BII

We seek to use the information and networks created during this election year as a platform for an ongoing discussion about our community’s public policy mindset.  Ted Sadler of Project Logic Ga spent a year on a blog collection, the original Best Interests Initiative.  Those blog posts could serve as the “conversation starter” for a beneficial debate that is long overdue.

Best Interests Initiative

In the politics/public policy arena, many efforts to improve the quality of life for average Americans have been launched.  After years of blogging about politics and being frustrated with the status quo, Project Logic Ga has decided to take a different approach by thinking outside the box during 2015.  We aim to listen to the people rather than telling them what to think.  Most importantly, we want to do something different; viewing problems and solutions from an entirely new angle.

We should start with the desired result and build backwards.  What is in our community’s best interests and how do we get there?  Of course, everyone currently feels that their actions are the answers.  There is no need to be critical and thanks for your continued efforts.  Considering aspects of our new views doesn’t mean that you are abandoning existing associations.  If you like something, you should incorporate it with your traditional affiliations.

Best Interests Initiative seeks to bring people in our community in south Georgia together to research what works then to implement a grassroot effort to spread the new message.  We are starting with the topics below; they aren’t chiseled in stone.  That’s the cool part.  Some of these topics might be great while others should be discarded.  Feedback will determine what’s beneficial.  We will write a new blog post at the beginning of each month based on these key topics.

Key Topics

Education/Career Training: No bad legal jobs; life-time learning; Be resourceful; 24/7 Grammar; How to Attend School/Study; Cost of College; Military Education Option; Networking/The Hustle


Music/Culture: Impact of Hip Hop; Glamorization of Thugs, Strippers and Criminals; Life Imitating Art; Absence of historic strivers mentality


Law/Freedom: Love Freedom; Cost of Prisons; Understanding basic law; Family Law


Home Economics/Housing: Home Ownership; Conspicuous Consumption/Bling; Living Inside Means; Birds of a Feather; Counsel of the Successful


Public Policy Arena Agenda: Eye for Agendas, Watch Big business, activists, the Media talking heads and elected officials; the truth about public spending; role of government/Justice Thomas’s grandfather; “Government isn’t Daddy”


Personal Responsibility: Avoid the Struggle Culture; Choices, Decisions and Consequences; Deliberation; Focus; Family Engineering; Self-analysis


Faith/Righteous Living: Moral Compass; Residual Benefit of Church; Psalm 133:1


Media: T.V.’s high channels; Net and TV as educational tool; Classic TV as a model for family life; positive usage of social media


Health/Wellness: Diet and Exercise; Wise Food Choices, Moderation; “Own Grave”, Understanding Wellness/Health Care Industry


PowerPoint Show and outline link