The Best Interests Initiative (BII) is a collaboration between the Project Logic GA blogger Ted Sadler and Peanut Politics blogger Keith McCants.  For many years, we have discussed politics, voter education and public policy.  While our two blogs will continue to function, we have decided to step out of the cyber world and into hands on grassroots voter motivation because past efforts by the “establishment” have often missed the mark.  Fires were not lit, turnout didn’t occur and our community seemed invisible to decision makers.

Short term BII: Aims to drive infrequent voters to the polls and to the discussion table by giving them a public policy platform.

Long term BII: Seeks to give our community public policy options by promoting discussions that will lead to changes in our public policy mindset because the status quo isn’t working.

Advisory Panel

For years, we knew that other friends currently or formerly involved in the public policy arena wanted a new discussion.  A standard disclaimer would state “Views and opinions expressed by the Best Interests Initiative via the internet or during events are not necessarily shared by all involved individuals.”  We hope that several experienced public policy veterans will use their knowledge and wisdom to point us in the right direction and offer advice.