Squeaky Wheel Ad spot

You Tube Video/Radio Spot Draft

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  In politics and policy, our community has been too quiet too long.  We watch every game that comes on T.V. on Sunday but we need to watch the game being play every day.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  The other side is very vocal and can be nasty but they vote.  One voter might carry more weight than 100 non-voters.  Non voters are basically invisible.   Governmental decisions are often vital in the lives of those non voters.  It seems rough to say but people getting any form of temporary public assistance should be the first ones in line to vote.  Real talk.  Folks fight a fight that helps you while you are at home.  Really?

Some on the other side say “I want my country back.”  Who exactly took your country?  On the real, “this land is your land..this land is my land….this land was made for you and me.” Like the old reggae song said “we can’t sink while others float…because we are all in the same big boat.”

A seat at the table for everyone—a seat secure by voting and providing constant input.  We can use smartphones and social media for something important rather than mess.

What is on the decision-making table?

  1. Imagine some presidential candidates with access to nuclear weapons; someone without a diplomatic bone in his body. Vote if you don’t want the success of the Obama White House reversed on day one.
  2. We all have family in the military (some there because there were no job opportunities at home.) It’s our duty to question where they are sent, why they are going, and what is the exit strategy for bringing them home. Home folks need to be mission-ready.
  3. Getting manufacturing jobs back from overseas—we don’t make anything here anymore. Jobless people can be problems waiting to happen.
  4. Is school choice really the resegregation of schools? Can good kids have the opportunity to learn in a drama-free environment? Can we train young people for real world careers?
  5. Drug abuse and its’ associated crimes lead to costly prison sentences and makes good people afraid in their on neighborhoods. That money could be better spent on college and vocational training.
  6. Our community needs an honest discussion about the limited role of government. Uncle Sam isn’t daddy.
  7. How can my personal improvement start with me and mine… “Ask not what this country can do for you…”

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